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  • Painting the exterior of your home
  • Rendering the front facade
  • Fixing up your roof
  • Front doors & windows
  • Garden & landsacape

Your building’s external facade  is one of the most critical components of its design. At Home Renovations, we have a unique focus on the aesthetic appearance of our cladding components. We’ve successfully contributed to the aesthetic design of some of Melbourne’s most significant  projects.

Facades renovations from Melbourne's best

We specialise in complete facades renovations of the highest quality.

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then the façade of a home tells the story of its occupants.  Your home exterior, whether elegant or bold, will set the tone for the rest of the home and give passers-by a small glimpse into your life. 

Custom Home Facades Melbourne Your facades your way!

The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they come to visit or as they’re driving by, so you want it to look as nice as possible.  If your home’s facade is looking a little the worse for wear, it’s time for renovation!  Renovating your home’s facade will make your home look like a million bucks and it’ll help you make some much needed extra bucks too when it comes time to sell.  For more advice about renovating your exterior facade, just have a chat with us!

A little bit of makeover magic can do wonders for your street appeal. And there are so many exterior home improvements we can do. We can refurbish your roof, do some exterior painting in striking colour schemes, add attractive new windows, create a structured pathway, create sculptured landscaping, create a smart, custom-designed mailbox and add dramatic lighting to make a fabulous entry statement to give it that added curb appeal.


  • Full Home Renovations

    Upgrade every aspect of your home! Demolishing and rebuilding a home is a long and exhausting process. You also end up without usable accommodation for months on end. It’s incredibly expensive!

  • Kitchen Renovations

    Renovating the kitchen is the most popular type of major renovation in a home. It’s also the best way to increase a home’s value if it were to be put on the market.

  • Bathroom Renovations

    We are highly dedicated to providing you with quality, affordable bathroom renovation services. Our quality work and excellent customer service have made us one of the most trusted names in the business.

  • Room Additions

    Adding a room (or more than one) is also very popular. Often, families with two or more children and not enough bedrooms choose to add on so each child can have their own bedroom.

Add some street appeal to your home!

Coming home every day to a beautiful house that you are proud of and one where your family and friends feel welcome is a dream come true.

Facades Solutions

The facade of your property is a very important aspect of the exterior design. Home facade renovations are a popular choice because it sets the style for the rest of the property and increases its street appeal from an onlooker’s view. Just like home renovations, house facade renovations are carried out for many reasons:

  • To improve energy efficiency.
  • To increase the value of your property.
  • To decrease the costs of maintenance.
  • to enhance the outside beauty of your home.

Opting to renovate your home can be a daunting decision, but it doesn’t mean you have to build a new one to change the way it functions. A house renovation involves many meticulous stages, such as deciding on plans, getting approval for them and choosing the perfect wall colour. It can easily become an overwhelming experience. When you engage with Home Renovations, we will work with you at every step of the journey to advise, inspire and support you. We make it our priority to ensure you receive a stress-free and rewarding experience, so when your home renovation is complete, you can relax knowing your home feels, looks and functions beautifully.


Fixing up your roof

This can really do wonders for how a home looks. Repairing any broken tiles, giving it a good clean, or even completely changing the colour with a coat of paint can completely change how it looks. An old roof can look brand new again with a bit of work.

Put in a new front door

This is another extremely cheap way to improve how your house looks.

Tidy up your garden

Overgrown lawns and dead bushes will not buy you any friends. Simple garden maintenance doesn’t take long and can give the appearance of a well-looked-after property.

Refresh your driveway

This doesn’t necessarily mean ripping it up and starting again. You could clean it up, paint it or have it resurfaced, and it won’t cost you the world. It also gives you a chance to coordinate the driveway with the new colours on the front facade, so your entire street frontage looks carefully curated.

These are all ways that we can help improve the front of your home, but our services are not limited to just these ideas! If you have something in mind, just contact us and speak to one of our renovation crew about getting the most out of your front facade.

Frequently Asked Questions

By hiring our team of experts, we can carefully asses the situation, and upon that we will tell if a renovation  is really necessary or not

We have all the colours that are available on the market.

Home Renovations works only with the best materials bought from Australian providers. Our expert team will surely know which material to use in all the situations.

OUR renovations SERVICES Elite renovations Specialists

Breathe new life into your residence with Melbourne’s leading home renovation company. For more than 15 years', Home Renovations has been the industry leader in transforming thousands of homes into stunning abodes.

At Home Renovations, we pride ourselves on the professional quality and experience delivered on projects - big and small. We strive to accomplish the goal within your budget and time frame without compromising on the quality of our renovation and property maintenenace services, as your vision is our goal.

Bathroom Renovations

Whether it is a simple refresh of your bathroom, or a total remodel transformation, Home Renovations will assist and commit to you in every possible way to achieve the result that is tailored to your expectations and budget. 

You can count on our unique bathroom designs that turn your vision into reality.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and it should be treated as such. Your kitchen is a place you should love to be in and a place for the whole family to come together, so why not make it true to your unique style? 

Home Renovations provides Melbourne home owners with beautifully designed, user friendly kitchens. Created by some of the finest designers in the business, our kitchens are of the highest quality and produced right here in Melbourne.


We’re constantly amazed by how laundry design has been underestimated and undervalued in years gone by and we’re here to change that. Since 2005 our team has designed and built some of the best laundry renovations in Home Renovations. We have design solutions for any size, style and complexity.

Let our expert designers bring their design ideas to life to ensure you’ve got one of the best laundries in Melbourne. A well-designed space will make those laundry chores less boring!


Finding the right company for quality garage conversion services can get exasperating in Melbourne. Realising this need, we have come to assist you with our expert garage conversion services. Our specialised professionals understand the ins and outs of undertaking this task as a garage conversion is the easiest way to add more space to your home and increase its value.


You want your facade renovation to look amazing and add the maximum amount of value as possible for every renovation dollar you spend.

Home Renovations can help. Our cosmetic home renovation and makeover design experts J will craft a Renovation Design Plan that ensures you achieve the spectacular result you desire.


Home Renovations offer comprehensive tiling solutions for all indoor and outdoor tiling applications which require efficient professional installation. These include but are not limited to tiling repairs, pool tiling, strata tiling issues, defect rectification, bathrooms, grout renewals, epoxy grout & maintenance tiling for commercial and retail tenancy.

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